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The Story of a Königsbergian Family
and a Portrait of their Town



Dear visitor,


This website is a very personal one. In the heart of mine, as well as in the heart of this story are my grandparents. Above, you can see a picture of them, taken in the early thirties of the last century, when they were still young and happy living in their hometown Königsberg.
You will meet them again in their family's story. 
When this photograph was taken they couldn't foresee the very hard period of life they and their town would be faced with a couple of years later - such a short time after they had even survived a war.

Both of them are not with us anymore. My grandparents died both being more than eighty years old far from their birthplace. Königsberg ‘died’ being 689 years old within two nights only.
But they will keep on living in our minds and all of us must take care that towns never again will be destroyed by bombs and the people lose their home and existence because of it.

Kindest Regards

Harro Pischel
March 2006